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Training Services

Aspire, accomplish, and upgrade your lifelong learning approach with us. 

What would you like to learn about?

Here are a few of our favourite topics:

Pre-school & School pedagogy

Teaching & Learning with adults

Teaching & Learning with children

Entrepreneurial education

Regional & Rural development

Disadvantaged adult learners

Career counselling

Community engagement

Health & Safety

Rural learners

Youth engagement

Active citizenship

Informal learning for disadvantaged groups

Multiculturalism, Tolerance & Acceptance

Dialogue and Communication


Mental health



Business environment

Circular economy

Women in Business



Workplace based learning

Criminal Correctional Justice

On-line safety

Active citizenship

Healthy Lifestyle

Project management




Co-financing of projects within the European Union

Tutoring, Mentoring & Apprenticeship


Integration / Reintegration of vulnerable population

Overall we have a number of pre-set trainings and also the possibility to
co-produce new ones with you based on your needs, on the following
major areas:

  1. Social Welfare and Community Education
  2. Educational Guidance and Vocational Excellence
  3. Corrections Advancement, Urban Security and Rule of Law
  4. Professionalization of Teaching and Education
  5. Employment, Small Business and Enterprise Environment

Go at your own pace

CPIP team is ready to adapt the training offer according to your interests and needs: on-line, face to face or a blended system of the two. The rhythm of your learning is what we will adapt to. We have the possibility of in-office interaction in our fully equipped meeting room, or over the Microsoft-powered on-line environment. Our team is also ready for a mentoring style approach.

Learn from industry experts

All the training content developed and tested by CPIP team is based on the work of experts from European member states, part of the big CPIP “family”. Having the experience of European co-financed projects

Find contacts and get access to European networks

When you join our trainings, you will also have access to our research database, showing you who is the top leading voice in Europe at the domain you are interested to learn. Once we set together your targets, CPIP has the possibility to acces a network of lifelong learning professionals that share their work and are interested in cooperating with practitioners like yourself, for further development.

Our latest European cooperation activities in networking.
They are the source of inspiration for our expertise:

Get personalized recommendations from CPIP team of experts!
Answer a few questions and we will design as custom offer just for your needs:

CPIP is a team trusted by institutions and organizations of all sizes from all over the world partners, networks and key stakeholders that support us:

Would you like to meet the team?

Would you like to become a trainer and work with us?

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