The Digi-S project is based on 2 innovations developed on the target group (elderly citizens over 55 years old):

– The first one is ‘a flexible teaching method’ which is adapted to the age and target group, using a pedagogical and psychological approach.

In the educational material it was examined the best ways to overcome the challenges of teaching digital skills for the elderly. There were presented various topics about adults teaching which include the difference between Pedagogy and Andragogy and  Intergenerational learning.  Another topic discussed was the current situation which include the challenge of teaching to seniors, psychological challenges, the internet, anxiety and computers. The physiological challenges, the motor skills, the sight, the hearing and the cognitive skills were some of the other subject addressed. Also, the objective-oriented learning and the specific teaching of technology to senior citizens (flexible learning, combined learning and digital literacy) were examined in the material. In the end, there were suggested some of the useful tips for teaching seniors. You can find the educational material here -download .pdf file

-The second one, it is represented by an application’ that can be downloaded onto desktop computers and mobile telephones.

This application will be ready soon by which the seniors will be informed in the following topics: how to stay safe online, how to make a skype call with family abroad, how to use a google calendar or read newspapers online.

Further information you can find on the Youtube Channel of this project